• SVT-138
    Vacuum Ironing Table
  • SPB-09
    Portable Boilers
  • SPB-02
    Auto Boilers
  • Steamer
  • ES-300
    Bottle Ironbox
  • SVTI-23
    Online Ironing Table
  • STS-600
    Thread Sucking Machine
  • SSFM-01
    Shirt Folding Machine
  • SSB-01
    Seam Buster
  • SEB 06-18
    Electrical Boiler
  • SEB 27
    Electrical Boiler
  • SDB 50
    Diesel Boiler
  • SFM - 400
    Fusing Machine
  • SS-02 & SS-03
    Stain Removing System
  • HD-25C, HD-650
    Needle Detectors
  • SEP-2128
    Steam Presses
  • XGQ-50F
    Washing Extractor
  • GZZ-100Q
    Auto Dryers
  • GXZQ-8
    Dry Cleaning Machine
  • YZ I-1680
    Auto Ironing / Calendaring

Welcome to SUNSHINE - Total Solution for Garment Finishing

"Dream and Aim, both are sensational words. Make your Dream as Aim, not your Aim as Dream". The Sunshine shares a commitment with our esteemed customers. A commitment based on trust generated through years of customer satisfaction. It is our firm beleif that this trust will stand the test of time, and so will our relationships. Read More...


We will be primarly a manufacture and provider of products and services to our customers which are of high quality & provide overall value for their investment. We will be noted for the delivery of these products & services on a timely basis.

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We will strive to provide a work environment of integrity, respect and dignity for employees and who come in contact with our business. Employees will be recruited and maintained who are creative, technically competent and productivity oriented.

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We will be a profitable company and distribute this wealth in fair and equitable ways after sufficient reinvestment for necessary long term company growth. We will be responsible to the environment and to the communities within we do business.

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Sunshine reaches almost all the garment industry people with in a phone call. Sunshine started its exports by providing the competitive advantage to its Asian neighbors who are traditionally strong in textile to boost their exports. Apart from its own R&D activities, Sunshine with its commitment towards society started funding various research projects in educational institutions.Sunshine believes those dedicated young brains will bring prosperity to the society and mankind.

  • Qualified Engineers
  • Quality Finishing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Affordable Investment
  • Policy Technology
  • Major Transformations
  • R & D Activities
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